50 Ways to Support OFSS

  1. Donate $1.00 for each year OFSS has served the community = $50
  2. Donate shirts, pants, underwear, PJs, thermal underwear, slippers, shoes
  3. Donate coats, in early fall before the snow flies
  4. Donate coffee, sugar and creamer (dry)
  5. Donate hot chocolate and tea
  6. Purchase a table or donate a silent auction item to our Annual Gala
  7. Volunteer to work a bingo
  8. Participate in our annual sock drive – October
  9. Follow us on Twitter and share our posts
  10. Donate bottled water
  11. Donate a side of beef, side of pork or a turkey
  12. Donate Bingo Prizes for seniors (pop, chocolates, granola bars)
  13. Donate flowers, plants or seeds for the gardens
  14. Volunteer to help with landscaping
  15. Donate your used books, magazines and movies
  16. Donate pool cues
  17. Donate computers for the seniors to play games
  18. Volunteer with your colleagues (Corporate Volunteer Day)
  19. Buy a tank of gas for the vehicles
  20. Refill our propane tanks
  21. Participate at our Summer Carnival (attend, volunteer and/or sponsor)
  22. Drop off 3-4 cases of pop
  23. Drop off some freezies or popsicles, so our seniors can beat the heat
  24. Donate a bike rack
  25. Donate a bench or picnic table
  26. Visit our website and donate at canadahelps.ca
  27. Donate towels, hand towels and face cloths
  28. Donate blankets or quilts
  29. Donate $100.00 for each year that OFSS has served the community = $5000
  30. Sponsor a day of caring
  31. Sponsor a BBQ in the park
  32. Sponsor an outing for the seniors (i.e. – Muttart Conservatory)
  33. Sponsor a cooking/dancing/painting class
  34. Donate a new screen and/or projector
  35. Donate fresh fruit
  36. Volunteer at our casino
  37. Consider a bequest
  38. Sponsor breakfast, lunch or dinner for 1 week
  39. Donate bus ticket or cab vouchers for our seniors
  40. Donate dishes and cutlery
  41. Donate a new commercial BBQ
  42. Donate a new commercial toaster
  43. Donate some commercial pots and cooking utensils
  44. Donate hair nets and gloves
  45. Donate toiletries – deodorant, shampoo, soap and shaving cream
  46. Donate $10.00 for each year OFSS has served the community = $500
  47. Like us on Face Book and share our posts
  48. Donate coffee mugs
  49. Donate rolls of toilet paper or boxes of kleenex
  50. Tell someone about OFSS