February 1-29, 2024

Captain Commando will be back in Edmonton to undertake a new task:

Collect 1000 pairs of new underwear for inner-city seniors in need!

Our favourite philanthropist and his sidekick Long John Jimmy cannot do it alone! They will need help from you to:

  1. Donate new underwear
  2. Spread the word using the hashtag #OperationUndies.

Sean Burke (X @Burkeeboy) as Captain Commando

The Captain emerges whenever he senses an underwear shortage, standing in solidarity with those in need. He goes commando so no one else has to!

Jimmy Morrison (X @jimmytheintern) as Long John Jimmy

Captain Commando’s trustworthy sidekick. Legend has it that Captain Commando donated his only pair of underwear to Jimmy so that Jimmy could keep his head warm.

How to Donate


McCauley Lodge 9520 108 Ave
Edmonton, AB Canada
T5H 0N2

Hours 8am – 4pm, Monday – Friday (closed noon-1pm for lunch)


Don’t have time to donate us some new undies to us in-person?


Email us at jimmym@ofss.org

Call 780-408-2958

Download a copy of the poster to share!