Recreation activities are offered at Sparling and McCauley Lodges, Hutton Place and Pioneer Place.

Transportation and entrance fees/program costs are provided free for our various outings.

Recreation opportunities include fun & fitness, outings (ie. museums, fishing trips, sporting/cultural events), ceramics, entertainers, bingo, computer games, sing-alongs, swimming, pet visits, etc.

The Recreation Program offers the following activities at some point throughout the year:

Bingo Card Bingo Arts & Crafts Darts Leather Work Ceramics Bowling Fun & Fitness Matinee Movie & Movie Night Special Events – Social Dance Outings Fishing (Summer & Winter) Recreational Swimming Sing-Along Social Tea

Live Entertainment Card & Board Games Computer Games Pet Visits Fun Casino Games Senior’s Carnival Newsletter Book Clubs Outdoor Activities (horseshoe, bocce) One to One Visits Pool / Billiards Senior’s Camping Trip Group Shopping

“I look forward to the recreation activities and I enjoy it.  I think that recreation is a spice of life to me.”
-OFSS Senior