By Caitlin McLeod, Volunteer

The COVID-19 pandemic last spring resulted in the cancellation of the annual summer fundraisers, Jimmy Morrison, the Community Relations Supervisor knew he needed to think outside the box to help make up for the loss of donations that helps OFSS serve Edmonton inner city seniors.

With restrictions last year limiting in-person gatherings, the Spring Gala and Summer Carnival were off the table. We began exploring safe ways that the community could come together to help support OFSS operations.

What started as a small bottle drive, has now raised over $17,000 for the organization. “We asked our community to come together to support ours seniors and the response has been overwhelming” Jimmy says. The bottle drive began in the summer and has continued to gain momentum over the holidays and into 2021.

Donating your bottles is a safe way to give back to your community. Volunteers can facilitate a contactless pick-up to help ensure the safety of everyone involved.

OFSS is continuing to accept bottle donations.

How You Can Support

  1. Call Jimmy Morrison (Community Relations Supervisor) at (780) 408-2958 or email at jimmym@ofss.org to set up a time for us to pick up the bottles.
  2. We will have one of our volunteers pick up your bottles from your doorstep at a designated time.
  3. You can also take in bottles on your own and donate the proceeds on our homepage – www.ofss.org

We encourage you to take photos of you with your bottle donations and tag us on twitter @OFSS1969 or find us on Facebook. We want to get this trending and people/groups excited about our #OFSSBottleDrive